Named for the Swahili word for progress, The Endeleo Project aims to facilitate progress for the world's most vulnerable people by helping innovative local organizations provide education services that build their capacity to pursue a better life.


Our philosophy is simple. Great people with great ideas will do greater things if freed of the non-core burdens of implementing their vision. At the same time, donors deserve to have their contribution make the biggest difference possible and to know how it is being used.

as Investors

A donation is an investment in a better future. Like traditional investors, our donors get a range of "investment" options, loads of information up front and follow-up reports. Learn more.

Ongoing Relationships with Partners

Unlike traditional grant-making agencies, we maintain ongoing relationships with our partners. This allows us to maximize results and provide donors with a unique level of transparency. Learn more.



Education helps people help themselves. It enhances their freedom by building their capacity to pursue a better future. It is therefore the most powerful tool there is for changing the world for the better.

We provide a package of services to innovative education organizations serving the under-served. The package is tailored to the organization's needs and includes:


    Regulatory Support

    Program/Impact Evaluation

    Strategic Planning


Investing in Progress

The Endeleo Project makes the most of your donation by providing funding and targeted services where it makes the most impact: education. Like an investor, you'll be fully informed before and after you contribute. Learn More.