• "The Endeleo Project has allowed us to soar to new heights with their support.”
    Dyani Makous, Founder, The Barrio Planta Project
  • "The Endeleo Project...[is] always responsive and you feel really closely connected to the end result. Unlike large organizations, where your donation passes through many different hands before reaching people in need, the Endeleo project provides a clear line of sight from the time of donation to the time that your donation positively effects the lives of those in need. A wonderful project run by a talented group of people!"
    Katina Sawyer, Assistant Professor, Villanova University

Our Mission


The Endeleo Project aims to facilitate progress for vulnerable populations by increasing their access to educational opportunities.

Unique Approach

We offer innovative education organizations a unique package of services to allow them to focus on their core mission. We offer donors a unique level of transparency while putting their contributions to the most efficient use.


Investing in Progress

The Endeleo Project makes the most of your donation, providing funding and targeted services where it makes the most impact: education. Like an investor, you'll be fully informed before and after you contribute. Learn More.