Unlike a traditional grant-making organization, we develop ongoing relationships with the organizations we support, allowing us to maintain accountability without overburdening our partners with red tape. We choose our partners carefully, striving to achieve maximum impact and maximum transparency, then collaborate with them to identify the most helpful use of our resources.

These are organizations that have asked us for help. We are vetting them to ensure they can meet our demands for quality service delivery, efficiency, responsiveness, and transparency. You can help by contributing to Endeleo's general fund: with more resources, we can vet organizations faster and support more of them.

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Maximum Impact:

Our partners must provide high quality services that have long term benefits for their target populations.

Maximum Transparency:

Our partners must be responsive, committing to provide the information we need to provide donors the transparency they deserve.

Current Partners

Barrio Planta Project

The Barrio Planta Project is an education initiative created to empower low-income children and adults living in Nicaragua. BPP offers supplementary schooling with an emphasis on English as a Second Language, computer skills and the creative arts.

BPP Prospectuses and Reports


The Vision and Passion Children's Home (VISPA) is an orphanage-based school in rural southwestern Kenya providing a home to over 40 children and an education to over 500 students.

VISPA Prospectuses and Reports

Face to Face Germantown

Face to Face Germantown (F2F) is a community services organization serving the struggling Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, offering marginalized clients exceptional levels of dignity and respect. They have partnered with Endeleo to expand their educational programs so their clients' children don't become their clients.

F2F Prospectuses and Reports